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We love merch blanks as much as we love merch itself. Thrifting away for hours in search of the perfect blank is one of the most rewarding treasure hunts in the fashion world. But the perfect true blank is a rare and elusive find. So we made our own.

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True Blanks are more than just great blanks. The brand itself is created to be used exclusively with our full-service print on demand merchandise platform, Creator Studio.

Our collections are split into two main ranges. Essentials are classic and clean silhouettes for that heritage feel. Contemporary is more progressive in style. And there are blanks for the little ones too, plus a special capsule investigating new sustainable fibre tech.

Each of our blanks is perfect for the Creator Studio global print on demand solution, with large printable areas front and rear, using state-of-the-art Kornit printing for exceptional image reproduction. You can also customise your neck label and sustainable packaging stickers, with logistics and quick shipping handled by us for a stress-free merch experience.

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"I've been in bands all my life, making t-shirts for tours, so I know the merch pains. All the boxes of unsold garments in my basement confirm this. Placing huge minimum orders, needing to shift old artworks, and not knowing the quality of what you are selling... It's such an obsolete way of doing things. We want to raise the bar in every respect and truly own the design process of True Blanks. In our eyes, everyone should be able to make small quantities of premium merch and express their creativity. Print on demand enables endless ways to give your fans relevant merch, activate drops, stay fluid, fuel events, customise and co-create. This is about challenging the industry and eradicating sub-standard blanks. This time anyone can level up their merch!"

- Calle Malmgren, Creative Director, True Blanks


"The materials and construction make these collections really stand out as merch apparel but also in the context of the industry itself. The details are precise and considered, and the two collections have fits and cuts that come from a deeply informed fashion point of view. You can keep it simple and understated or make a very strong statement."

- Ina Hjelte, Designer, True Blanks

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