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We love merch blanks as much as we love merch itself. Thrifting away for hours in search of the perfect blank is one of the most rewarding treasure hunts in the fashion world. But the perfect true blank is a rare and elusive find. So we made our own.

TrueBlanks for Creator Studio

A merch legacy informed by fashion

Our blanks are true to the spirit and legacy of classic merch, and informed by decades of fashion heritage.

True Blanks is a foundation for your merch but also a place for creators to go beyond fashion. This is an exploration into responsible production, materials, and artistic messages. The blank and its place in fashion is always evolving and we want to create garments that stand the test of time, while being used and loved to threads.


True Blanks are designed and made to capture the way you feel when you throw on your favourite t-shirt or hoodie, evoking moments of real meaning. Every textile, stitch, seam and angle are honed to near perfection using decades of fashion experience. With reliable true-to-size fits, impeccable quality and hand feel. Raw yet refined, contemporary but with a classic edge. A foundation for raw creative expression where your imagination finds its voice.

TrueBlanks for Creator Studio


True Blanks are more than just a great blank. The brand itself is created to be used with our CREATOR STUDIO, a one-stop shop for building your own merch brand.

Our collections are split into a two main ranges. Essentials is classic and clean silhouettes for that heritage feeling. Contemporary is more progressive in style. And there's blanks for the little ones too, plus a capsule collection investigating new sustainable fibres.

Each of our blanks is perfect for the CREATOR STUDIO 'glocal' print on demand solution, with large printable areas front and rear, using state-of-the-art printing to bring your wildest creations into the hands of your fans. You can also customise your neck label and sustainable packaging, with logistics and quick shipping handled by us for a stress free merch process.

TrueBlanks for Creator Studio